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Through its exquisite work with matter, both liquid and solid, La Cristallerie des Parfums consistently demonstrates its attachment to the outstanding crafts legacy of French luxury. With its new collection, the young label from Paris breaks new olfactory grounds.
While its first collection called forth images from a child’s enchanted garden, a wonderful reminiscence of summers spent on the Dalmatian coast, this second creation brings to life a bewitching, spirited forest.

The three fragrances ORIS, SIRUS and ALKAR, are drawn from a range of high quality woods and rare essences. Akin to a woodworker inlaying a marquetry work, the perfumer places next to each other, unites and combines a multitude of pieces, scents of wood, flowers, ambergris, resin and smoke…
In that blossoming forest, the oud is transformed, opening up unsuspected creative possibilities. Its base is present but does not dominate the work, as the raw material is sculpted and polished like crystal.

The scent signature of this collection is rooted in a wooden-flowery universe that transcends the wooden range. The fragrances are set in glass flacons, elegantly tinted in muted tones and topped with black ash wood caps – as it’s a hymn to nature, all the wood comes from self-sustainable forests in Europe, as much wood that is used is planted back!

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