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By associating the ancestral art of fire and the alchemy of fragrance, La Cristallerie des Parfums delivers unique pieces that will captivate the eye, the nose as well as the hand. Each piece is created in a sacred alliance of fire, vital breath, minerals, and gold.

Your hand will feel the incomparable polish of the crystal and the considerable weight of the refined phial, which results from patient aesthetic research. Each phial is a small miracle shaped from molten paste by a master glass-blower, crystallizing both perfection and happenstance.

The calligraphy of pure colours and gold spirals embodies the artisan’s act of creation, and the tiny floating bubbles encapsulate the energy and breath of creation. At the heart of the phial, a velvety colour bubble preserves the precious perfume from alteration and light. This crystal globe is a marvelous microcosm that evokes the spray, scent and trail of our perfumes.

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