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In this first collection “La Cristallerie des Parfums”, her creator reveals her childhood memories. She draws her inspiration from the times she spent in her grandmother’s house, in Croatia, on the Secret’s Island.

This house contained many other wonders, as the magnificent “Happy Garden”. A garden where nobody was allowed to be sad or in a bad mood. And when one quarreled and the others were upset, they were sent there to forget their soreness. A place where the young impish Helena spent a lot of time !

The war forced the little girl to wait ten long years before she return to Secret’s Island. When she came back, the house and the garden were devastated and nothing reminded her those childhood memories. An emotional and painful shock for Helena. But then, the magic of the place acted. Despite her sadness, Helena started to smell and see the beauty of the “Happy Garden”. The colors, the scents and the sensations came back and the “Happy Garden” slowly regained its luster in the creative spirit of Helena.





This moment was a revelation for the young woman, base of “La Cristallerie des Parfums” creation. This first collection AERIA revives her childhood memories. A symbolic name coming from “aerial”, the nickname given to Iris who, according to the Greek Mythology, relayed good news between Humans and Gods. The colors of the crystal bottles of this AERIA collection remind the rainbow, Iris’ travel symbol between earth and sky, and the precious souvenir of the “Happy Garden”, dear to her creator.

A rainbow of fragrances, unique and natural, in sublime colored crystal bottles. Sparkling in their crystal light, the AERIA perfumes will be your most special adornment.

It is this story, her story, Helena shares with you through the AERIA collection, so the “Happy Garden” lives forever.

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